Tubes for Vac Super Avatar ??

Hi !
Does anybody know which tubes KT88 (the brand) are good for VAC Super Avatar ???,thanks.
The shungang tubes with avatar sound also JJ sound good also
a little fuller
As I posted on the thread mentioned in Tvad's post, I have used a number of KT-88s on my PA100/100. I am assuming that tube and types/sound would be similer between my amp and the Avatar KT-88, or at least a guide to your question.

I have now recieved my cyro'd Valve Art KT-88s after a long back order. I have to say they are exceptional sounding tubes. Very extended top to bottom and a nice hump/touch of midrange lushness and bloom. Much better than the Valve Art non-cyro and EH I have been using up to this point.
Interesting findings. I have tried JJ blue glass, VAC stock tubes and now some Golden Dragons. So far I think the best are the Goldn Dragons(I'm not sure of the vintage) but I have found that the VAC is the least susceptible to tube rolling of any amp I've had. It just always sounds fantastic no matter what tubes are in it. Don't get me wrong as there no doubt are subtle differnces but either the stock tubes are really good or my "upgrades" aren't really that. I have heard dramatic differences with altering 12au7's in other amps but not so much with the VAC.
Always interested to hear what others find though. I have seen some talk about the Valve Arts on AA. hmmm.... interesting....
It seems that I recall reading that Kevin Hayes "voices" all his amps to the tubes that come with it from the factory. I read a thread, I think in the amp asylum website, where several people replaced the factory tubes with expensive NOS tubes and ended up going back to the factory tubes. If I were you, I'd give Kevin Hayes a call to get his opinion. He probably keeps a record of your unit and if he's found better tubes to keep with the "voicing", he'll recommend them to you or sell them to you, if he has some available. I also have a VAC Avatar on my short-list to power my Reference 3a Dulcets.
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