Tubes getting hard to come by?

Hi All,

I've noticed that both Upscale Audio and the Tube Depot are running out of tubes, or, at least, they are limiting buyers to ONE TUBE PER MONTH (UPSCALE) or simply out of many popular tubes.  Am I imagining this, or is the pandemic, or something else, causing a dearth of available tubes?  Might this be a bad time to buy a tube amp because of this?

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@petg60 I agree that nos tubes have unique qualities that can't be replicated, that's why I mentioned innovation. And I do in fact observe in reviews, have heard and purchased contemporary tubes that match or exceed some nos. Some of the nos tubes such as the 101D and 300B's I use are virtually unobtainable. Thanks to the boutique tube manufacturers nice tubes are available again. We better hope for innovation and attention to making fine sounding tubes in future, barring that, having tube equipment will be less desirable.

With the quality of solid state amps these days ie Gryphon, Boulder, Constellation  etc...why bother with it?...and that was a rhetorical question 

I'd add Simaudio Moon to that list missioncoonery.  Nothing else has propelled my Martin Logan Summit X electrostatics to the rarified heights they have reached with the 700i integrated by Simaudio.