Tubes or Solid State for Joseph Audio speakers

I own a pair of Joseph Audio RM-25Si's and have been using tubed pre and power amps. Have any Joseph owners found an outstanding combination of pre/power amp that has been accurate yet sufficiently warm, and serves the music well? I listen primarily to LP for enjoyment, secondarily to CD. I really enjoy the Joseph's and they are a pretty even load for amps to drive, and I plan on keeping them. I have tried contacting Joseph Audio for their input, but with no results so far. I need to keep the power amp under $1500, and will keep my tube preamp.
I am driving Joseph In Walls with a Wyred4Sound ST-250 and VTL TL5.5. At first I found the combo of the VTL and the ST-250 a touch too warm, the mids and bass overshadowed the highs but a tube change in the VTL from Mullard 12ax7s to some old Sylvania 12ax7 grey plates brightened it up where the sound is much more ballanced. I highly recommend both the VTL and Wyred4Sound.

I have also listened to the Pulsars with Bel Canto gear at the Capital Audio Fest and it was one of my favorite rooms at the show. Seems like Josephs like Icepower based amps.

I heard the Rm25xl at the Stereophile show in 2007
on the Moscode 402P hybrid integrated amplifier.
This was one of the best sounds at the show.
The Rm25xl had a really nice articulate sound and the bass was really good.
The Moscode used a passive volume control in the hybrid integrated amplifier.
I remember asking the guy at Joseph Audio about the 7 inch drivers he used in the Rm25xl speakers.
I really liked the way these drivers sounded.
He was telling me they were modified Seas drivers.
Here's a link about the Joseph Audio's RM25XL on the Moscode 402P hybrid integrated amplifier. Its at the bottom.
It used a Teas Esoteric DV 50 DVD CD player for the audio.
The Moscode 402P used a Placette Audio volume control for the volume.
I have driven my Perspectives with both tubes (VAC) and solid state (Sanders Magtech). While both have their strengths, on balance I prefer the Magtech. It is a superb combination.