Tubeyist sounding Pre-amp?

What pre-amp has the most tubey sound?

I don't even car if it HAS tubes - I just want that sound - it can use MOSFETs for all I care.

the $500 figure was my guess at a repair to my SF Line One - it is at a local shop now and I have heard nothing for two weeks.

I have to admit I have my eye on a piece of ARC gear too, tho I understand they are very neutral sounding...
$500 to repair SF Line One is a very large figure. 
$150...200 should be about right -- $120...150 labor and about $50...80 parts

My old Ayon CD-5s with Burson single HD discrete op amps, matched 6C4P rectifiers & cryo'd EH 6H30 Gold pins. The gold pins are warmer, lusher sounding tubes. Don't neglect the importance of cables either. I found Jorma Prime sounded harmonically rich, on the warm side and liquid sounding. OTOH Jorma Origo is a bit more neutral if you don't want any more warmth.
I have a Quicksilver full function preamp that can be tubey depending on tubes. I love mine and it's fun and easy to play with tweaking it. It's gonna run you north of 500 hundred but likely less than 1k. I've had mine for 5 years and it's been trouble free with only recently needing to replace a couple resistors. Tubed phono stage is quite the added bonus as well. 

we'll see on the repair - after 2 months they have not even looked at it so I should have sent it to Canada instead...

I really like the knobs on the older ARC products...