tukan V's katan

i currently own linn tukans......would a pair of katans be an upgrade?
who here has owned both? please tell me the sound differences.
thankyou! i love my tukans to death but find them a touch too bright in the treble.
infact i absolutly love my linn rig apart from the fatigue top end......
maybe the katans are the thing for me or does the active thing take some of that top end off? some people say it rounds the treble off.
I have Katans running aktiv and have never noticed or felt that the treble had rounded off. I found that going from passive to aktiv mellowed them out a bit, less bright, but still very energetic, and less fatigue during long listening periods.
What are you doing for the lower end? If the tukans are anything like the katans, the lows are a little slender so adding a muscial sub improved the staging without sucking out the vibrancy.
The treble on the Tukans can be adjusted if you think that they are a bit bright. It's not a user adjustable modification, but a Linn dealer can do it for you. There is a reference to this in the Tukan's owner's manual.