Tulsa, Oklahoma

Email if your are interested. It would be great to hear other systems and check out tweaks.
Mcamanus, I don't live in the Tulsa area but OKC. Yours is the only posting I've seen for this state. There is a demonstration of different audio components going on in Tulsa at the end of April. I'm going to try to go. Should be an interesting experience. A frequent poster here, Duke Lejeune will be there with some equipment from his store. More information is in the Miscellaneous forum under GPA(Great Plains Audio)
Trying to contact Reade aka Readster

please email me with info
thanks Mark
I live here in Tulsa as well; current rig is mac mini, J Keny box modded (battery pwrd) HiFace feeding the bnc input of an Eastern Electric tubed DAC (the new one using the Sabre chip), with a Grant Fidelity 300B SET integrated amp, pwring Daedalus Audio DA-RMa speakers, augmented by a REL Strata III sub.
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