tuner better than turntable ? thread.

Hi,I started that thread a few months ago, and had said the top turners sound better than top turntables.

Well, I have to clarify, tuners like the Dynalab 108 and 109
in their stock form are very good but not as good as the best tables, but

a modified tuner with teflon coupling caps will actually
exceed the table, In my opinion.

I did not know that the my friends tuner had been modified.

I didn't realize till another friend bought a 108 and it didn't sound any where near as good as my friends 109 so
I asked him why, and my (jerk)friend just told me about the
teflon caps he had installed. Dooooooow

The modified tuner is about 30-40% better! than the stock
It was more extended and way more transparent!

By the way, teflon caps are expensive $40 to $200 ea., depending on values but if you have a vacuum tube preamp or tube power amp, you can upgrade your
audio equipment to a new level without selling your pieces.

It will transform your unit with extension especially top end, and with transparency that will amaze.

Just make sure you substitute the coupling cap with same value (uf) and voltage rating.

It's interesting to hear talk about top end extension on FM since by FCC regulation the top end of all commercial transmissions is limited to 15khz.
No, not even close. Most FM transmissions are compressed leaving very little in the way of dynamics and there is no information above 15,000 hz. Vinyl playback can be quite dynamic and extended.

Yes, I recall that thread.

Did you compare the two tuners in the same system and room? Otherwise, how do you know that the caps were responsible for the differences you heard?

And was the 108 the original older version, or the updated 108T version? And whichever 108 it was, how can you conclude that the upgraded caps in the 109 were the reason it sounded better than the 108, considering that they are different models?

-- Al