Tuner can be heard through other inputs

I have a little problem with a new integrated amp.

The amp sounds great overall, but I can hear the tuner coming through the unused inputs when I turn the volume up.
Simple you say, just turn the tuner off. The tuner in question is a Naim, and is designed to be left powered up all the time.

Any ideas?

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It is only coming from the tuner, not CD, or turntable.
It comes through the inputs next to tuner input, not the others, strange.
It comes through the inputs next to tuner input, not the others, strange.

Just for the heck of it plug the CDP in the tuner input and the tuner into CDP input.... Check for crosstalk....

Did the tuner crosstalk transfer to the CD input?

Is there now crosstalk from the CDP?
are you sure it's not RFI? some people get radio stations' signal in their systems. I assume you've disconnected the tuner to check this, but if not...
Try everything else listed above, but if you can't get it to stop, this is what I heard just this week-end from a competent designer/builder:

Naim tells their dealers to only demo with one unit plugged in, as this cross-talk is inherent in their grounding/design method.

Now, for you Naim folks, I like the sound, but if this is a problem, the unit is probably NOT defective. If my guy is right, then your unit is just working the way that Naim components work and is okay. I hope one of the other suggestions is helpful, but if not, don't freak out, it';s just the way it is: anything else turned on and playing is going to bleed through at a low level.

Just what I heard. Please don't crucify me for passing it on.
You could unplug the rca's from the Naim but try this first. Have the muting on and put the dial where there is no station.