Tuner choice

I know no one is interested in tuners given streaming etc and on and on, but I moved to a place with some excellent radio stations and I think having a tuner would work for me. I got one for free from my brother, a 70s vintage Dynaco kit and it seemed to warm up over time without any repairs etc. although the light is out and gauge doesn’t seem to work. Muting is not functioning but once on a station it brings in some pleasant sound.
On the other hand, I see old units on eBay that are low cost, some say tested, mint condition, etc. so would it be worth a couple hundred dollars to have a different tuner? Or is the Dynakit not a bad vintage tuner and if it’s working, I’d be smart to stick with it? Any suggestions for replacements worth the change?





 me too! Brought in stations  in my basement from Indiana and Illinois 

I miss it, great tuner,


have a very old Rolls, professional unit, works like a champ.



This and the winegard 6010 fm antenna is all you need for great sound and reception. A very underrated tuner for not a lot of money.







I recall that Naim made a really good one - also a restored Leak is supposed to be great

I have the King Of Tuners: Sansui TU-X1, and with a Synergistic Purple Fuse installed, guests cannot tell music from the tuner vs. CD's. Hard to find, expensive, but well-worth it. I have a few other Sansui's, e.g, 9900; good. but no TU-X1.

It depends on what you want.  A lot of tuner affionados are after long-range reception, which makes sense if there is a very good station you cannot otherwise reach.  But if you have a very good (technologically) station in the area, you should evaluate tuners on the same basis as other hi-fi gear.  Namely, how does it sound.  Musical?  Dimensional? etc.

In my area we have on of the best FM stations in the nation for sound .... WFCRi a public radio station that plays DJ'd classical music all day, and DJ'd jazz for three hours in the evening.  I've tested many, many tuners sise by side over the years, and I can name three that are really good sounding and don't cost and arm and a leg:  for tube, a Fisher FM90b or a Dyna FM3, for transistor a Carver TX-11 or an early Harman Kardon Citation 14 or 15.  There were lots of Japanes tuners with better sensitivity specs .... but many of them sounded as flat as cardboard.  With a good modern station and station-based DJ'ng, FM can sound like your own CD or SACD player.