Tuner choice

I know no one is interested in tuners given streaming etc and on and on, but I moved to a place with some excellent radio stations and I think having a tuner would work for me. I got one for free from my brother, a 70s vintage Dynaco kit and it seemed to warm up over time without any repairs etc. although the light is out and gauge doesn’t seem to work. Muting is not functioning but once on a station it brings in some pleasant sound.
On the other hand, I see old units on eBay that are low cost, some say tested, mint condition, etc. so would it be worth a couple hundred dollars to have a different tuner? Or is the Dynakit not a bad vintage tuner and if it’s working, I’d be smart to stick with it? Any suggestions for replacements worth the change?



I bought an HH Scott 350 A in excellent condition for $100.00 about six years ago. I replaced the multiplex tubes with NOS military issue Telefunken’s. It has a liquid, relaxed sound. The multiplex needs an alignment so I listen to it in mono. I’ll have to ship it out and the alignment will cost me about $200.00 but then I’ll be good for another five years. If this tuner interests you, try to find the first year of the 350 and look to see whether the plastic tuning dial is cracked.

I just switched to a McIntosh MR-55 mono AM/FM tuner. I like the tubes and the vintage McIntosh. It has a nicely lit and looking faceplate. I have it tuned to the NPR classical music station. It was gone over and recapped before I got it a month ago.

I do have a Dyna FM3 tuner available for sale. I used it before getting the McIntosh. It is a great tube tuner as well but I like the look of the McIntosh better. I'm debating on if I should sell it on eBay or at the local record shop. I think the value is only about $150 or so.

The Sansui 717 you have is a terrific tuner (I also own one). Two things will improve the sound significantly: 1) an alignment done by a competent technician who has the right equipment; 2) a decent antenna.

Have fun with it!


I’ve been through lots of tuners over the past 40 years, many highly acclaimed by the fm tuner info site.  The Sansui TU717 is an excellent tuner that I had many years ago.  I much prefer analog tuners to digital ones with the exception of a Meridian 504 that was my latest tuner…