Turn table for my kid???

My daughter just told me she wants a turn table. That thought really excites me because I hope she eventually loves music as much as I do.  Additionally, I've been thinking of getting into vinyl myself but haven't for fear of the money pit it will become like the rest of my audio endeavors.

So it looks like I can start this journey together with my kid.  Cool.  My question then is what's a good entry level tt?  I assume I will need to get a phono pre, etc?  I would much prefer one that is as self contained as possible.  Ideally I would be able to just connect some speakers to it or connect it directly into my integrated amp. Please take it easy on a vinyl noob.

Thank you and happy new year!
Not asking too much.  $250 for a turntable, $250 for powered speakers. 

If you are buying new, I still stand by the Audio Technica LP120.  I have owned the turntable and have set it up for a few friends' systems.  Go to any Guitar Center or professional DJ/ music shop if you wish to audition it.  

You may save some bucks if you buy a used/ vintage TT, but you will need to know how to perform basic clean-up and lubrication duties.  Your call.      

As for powered speakers, there are several companies out there to choose from ... Audio Engine, PSB, Emotiva, Klipsch.  They are only going to play so loud, so for a small room system, you will be fine.

See, not so tough.


Bought a used NAD 556 (rega RP1 essentially) for my college aged son, with u-turn preamp and it worked out great! Definitely don't ignore used gear, RP1s with the performance package come up periodically on audiogon, or open box ones are cheaper at music direct or audioadvisor.
I just bought an excellent condition Beogram 5500 for my secondary system (wife friendly). Plug-and-play, Danish cool, solid construction. I am using it more than my Clearaudio main rig lately. Maybe I got lucky but it came with a very nice sounding MMC2. All for $250. Fully automatic which I think your daughter would appreciate.
With a budget of $500, I’d suggest avoiding speakers entirely and instead, opt for headphones.

Granted she won’t be getting a pair of Stax, but neither will she be getting a pair of Wilson Audio Sophias either...