Turns out I'm a high impedance cable

Funny story- I was messing around with my new DAC and had a pre-amp input cable in my right hand and a CD output cable in my left. Brothers In Arms was playing on the CD so I could have a known live output to test with. VIOLA!  I heard the music faintly through my speakers!

Now as for the sound quality- it sucked. Therefore I won't be using my newly discovered :talent" to audition components or do cable comparisons. 

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I know I am about 20k-250k ohm resistor.  Depends how hard I squeeze the test lead and flex my hand and arm muscles.  That's why electrocution works so well. 

I haven't tried left hand to left foot.  Right hand, right foot for stereo mode.  Talk about Getting involved.  That's a step to putting our Souls into the music we listen to.

Try again after soaking in a tub of ice water for a few minutes, your resistance will be lowered, sound may improve.  If you are really bold, l'd go all out and immerse yourself in a bath of liquid nitrogen.  Cryo yourself!