I`d like an opinion from my right on target forum members😊  I want a better T/T my present T/T is the Ariston RD40 with a Rega 300 arm. the cart is a very in expensive Ortofon mm cart.  My budget is 3k. I`m looking at a used Sota Nova or a new Sota Sapphire-V welcoming suggestions please." HAPPY HOLIDAYS"


Your best bet is to get a Mobile Fidelity ultra deck tt with an ultra gold mc cartridge.I  have one and wouldn't settle for anything less for the money. The tt cost $1,999 and you can settle for for a master tracker  mm cartridge for an additional $800.00  ( the mc cartridge costs $1,400.00).. It is belt driven which doesn't vibrate like direct drive and the belt is installed on the outside so it's super easy to set up and change (if you have to). I have used the same belt for over 2 years now with no problems and it sounds great.  Go online and look up Music Direct to see what you're getting. While you're at it, take a look at their mobile fidelity original master recording Lp's. You will be very happy with the sound and it's comparable to any tt 5k and up. Music direct is the parent company for mobile Fidelity.

I`d like to thank everyone for there input and advise as I stated in my opening statement right on target. Yes (Spencer) I`ll also be calling Donna.   (mijostyn) I only wish I had 10k to spend on a new Nova VI not there yet when I talk to Donna I will ask if there`s a rebuilt Nova avail. if not a new SapphireV will fit my budget $2,900 However, I will look into the Schroder CB.   (Big_ greg) your in my head😄. its good to hear everyone agrees on dismissing the Rega300.    (jasonbourn52) my plan as been to purchase the SoundSmith Carmen2 MC cart. before purchasing the T/T I`ll also research the Hana EL.  (Spencer aka sbank) your right on point advise well taken.  (lewm9) something to think about.   (jperry) that is my plan until I get my SoundSmith Carmen2 MC cart. then upgrade to one of the two arms (mijostyn) suggest or the Hanna EL   (jasonbourn52) suggested.  Once again I thank you all. "HAPPY HOLIDAYS"!!

Having purchased the Eclipse/Condor combo and having substituted it for the motor assembly in my $8K turntable I agree the upgrade is well worth it.

Another vote for the SOTA but for now keep Rega arm. Get the best SOTA you can

Did somebody say “ Call Donna !”

i am a direct drive robot with no belt …loops