Turntable advice

Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy my first turntable and want to get some advice about two specific turntables that I’m looking at. I can get both of these for a similar cost, so I’m looking for opinions on which way I should go. First, my current system consists of Rockport Cygnus, McIntosh mc1.25kw’s, McIntosh c2700 (will be used as phono stage at the start), dcs Bartok apex for digital, Cardas clear reflection cables (not power), rel no 31 pair of subs and torus power units. 

The tables that I’m down to (unless I choose to not spend as much out the gate) are a VPI Avenger Plus, most likely with a Hana ML cartridge and a Pure Fidelity Harmony with the illustrious se Tonearm and either the same cart or potentially the stratos cartridge. 

If I go this route, I’d like something that could eventually get more out of upgrades cartridges or tonearms down the road. Any advice or thoughts would be helpful, especially if you have experience with both. Thanks in advance!


@chrisoshea Your advice then, is to spend $0000's ? on a Vinyl Replay Source and then invest in the Source Material after. 

The OP who has made it known are only in a possession of a few Vinyl LPs, has a need to but Source Material, the suggestion to keep it in Cellophane is the best method to keep the Purchases close to their max' resale value whilst preparing for a Source to replay Vinyl LP's.

At no time was the OP informed to buy Albums they have no interest in being experienced in use.

Here's the deal through my eyes, a TT > Tonearm > Cartridge purchased that does not satisfy, is a very fast track route to hemorrhaging monies, I know this through experiences had.

90% of my Purchased Albums are increased in value and some are through the roof. Have a look at the Original Pulse Vinyl LP, which I have in Cellophane and unused.

For the record I am not a record Collector, there are three Albums in my collection from my early years of purchases that are unused and my most recent collecting probably has three or four Albums unused, but some of unused LP's are part of a  Box Set.

My advice based on experiences had is sound and certainly not wasteful.

My next advice, that will not be a waste of ones time and could save them parting with substantial monies unnecessarily. Is to strongly recommend, what no other contributor has recommended.

I strongly recommend to the OP to get out and do a little foot work, creating  opportunities to be demo'd a selection of Vinyl Replay Sources. The result will be one thing only, to learn what can be achieved, and most importantly, learn what is not wanted to be achieved.

Rega will most likely be towards the Latter, I personally shelved the idea of Rega Products alongside my shelving the idea of Linn Products over 25 Years ago.

I have encountered these Brands on numerous occasion since and not one of these encounters has created any thing that can be suggested as being a inspiring stimulus.

Seeing as a Video has already been used to help the OP attain valuable information on this subject.

I have found one more Video, that should prove extremely useful.




What I would recommend to the OP is purchase a Rega front end at $2,000-$4,000 and then dig into record collecting with a slow, self-education process BEFORE investing $10K+ to see if vinyl is really his thing. He’s got a great system, if his music preferences dictate a deep dive into vinyl, great! As I believe someone else on the thread mentioned, if the OP is mainly listening standard pop music recorded on the last 30 years, vinyl may be a waste of time/money....his choice.


AND...For the record I AM a record collector for over 50 years, great way to inspire me to get out of bed every morning

Really good stuff everyone. I’ve heard the tables I was down to and was really looking for any thoughts on the two. I knew I’d get all kinds of opinions, which I really appreciate. I’ve been acquiring some vinyl and have bought things like Miles Davis Kind of Blue and Aja (both uhqr) as well as Diana Krall’s live in Paris album, massive attack: mezzanine, a box set of Gregory Porter’s albums and some Anne Bisson that I bought from her at SW audiofest a few weeks ago, among others. In the end I decided to go with the one that I enjoyed listening to the most, which was the Avenger Plus (I know and have heard the strong opinions on Vpi, lol). I did decide to go a little higher on the cartridge than I originally planned and am getting a Benz LP-S. 

I had an LPS....great cartridge.  It is VERY HEAVY.....make sure your arm can accommodate it.   It has a lower "bloom"...very nice....isn't flat like an Ortofon Winfield, etc.