Turntable Advice on Hum/Brands

I've been considering purchasing a Rega Planar 6 TT. I read a recent thread that Rega are susceptible to hum/feedback. I have a wooden floor,  so I'm wondering if I should go with a different TT. Any suggestions for turntables more resilient to hum in the same $2500.00 or so range? I appreciate any insights. 


My wood floor support must have been built with green wood in 1951 housing boom after WWII.

Warp, dip near walls, flexible flyer.

My final solution, are the 2" x 2" iso-blocks, I wrapped them with black tape after this photo

amazon, easy return, try a type, no good, try another type.

They work well, but no dancing that end of the room.


Hum is about the tonearm, not the spinner/plinth. No way would I use a 3 wire no ground wire system as someone described and as you have read about.

I always encourage finding a TT with the potential of two tonearms, start with one, add 2nd if/when desired.

Single arm, I highly encourage arm with removable headshell AND easy height adjustment.

Mechanics, my preference is heavy spinner, heavy plinth, direct drive


Nearly any TT with a cracked dust cover, thus less cost, can be an asset, as new covers are readily available, start with zero scuffs

sota, cracked lid, removable headshell

new dust cover, they can make one for nearly any TT

gotta start level, I made tapered runners each end of my rack

the shadow shows how the floor dips near the wall.

It also got me support a bit forward and a bit rearward of the rack, definitely helps stability

I really appreciate all the information. The first thing I am doing is installing a wall mount for isolation. If that passes the test with my entry level audio technica I will begin looking at an upgrade. Lots of good suggestions here.