Turntable advice-thorens questions

Hello! I'm looking at some of the restored Thorens units here for sale in the $1500.00 range. My question is-am I going to get the most bang for my buck by doing this or should I be looking at a new unit? Right now I have a fairly nice 2 channel system I have around $12k invested, so something that will do justice to my $$ spent.
Thanks for your advice.
Nandric, if one carefully shops, they can pick up a used VPI Classic for just a little more than $1500. Any preference or views about the "old" LP-12 versus the "new" VPI Classic??
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I beg to differ on the support in regards to the VPI HW 19 MK 1 through MK IV turntables. As a owner of a MK IV, I have always received great support on this table when the need has come about. My last support for this table was about 3 months ago and Harry was most helpful. If things have changed in the interim 90 days then thats news to me. If indeed support is no longer there does not raise a problem as this is one of the most rugged and durable turntables that were produced and is dirt simple in its design. While its true that not all parts of the past are available on the MKIV, Harry has kept supplying upgrades from time to time. I no longer have a MKI, MKII or MKIII VPI so I cannot comment on that. However my interest is now peaked and phone call to Harry on Tuesday is indeed forthcoming. Gad I've know him for well over 25 years now.

However a word of caution on the new Thorens products, They aren't your Daddy's Thorens. Now owned by Project which makes tirntables uner their own name as well as Music Hall, Thorens and probably some others. The current Thorens product is very sad commentary on what was once a very proud name in analog playback. I would avoid any new Thorens product as nothing more or less than rebadged Project turntables.
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Agreed the new Thorens are just marketing and fluff - new company riding an old name, nothing worth buying. But I would take any well done vintage Td125 or Td124 (or LP12) over the blah VPI HW19. VPI's in my experience are showy commercial main stream hi-end over hyped and not one bit musical in the least - waaaayy over rated shoddy built (mostly) tables. Its one of those always well reviewed comm. mfg. seen all over the mags but you know its just for people who dont know any better so they buy mainly based on mag reviews, rec. component lists and press. They kinda remind me of like Def. Tech speakers or the like, always great reviews and shiny mag. ads but in reality don't sound good and much better available out there. ymmv.