Turntable advice-thorens questions

Hello! I'm looking at some of the restored Thorens units here for sale in the $1500.00 range. My question is-am I going to get the most bang for my buck by doing this or should I be looking at a new unit? Right now I have a fairly nice 2 channel system I have around $12k invested, so something that will do justice to my $$ spent.
Thanks for your advice.
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I saw that TD521, it was nice but still uses a factory cheapo pressed board with veneer for the frame. Would rather have this TD125 Long Base with new DC motor and thick real maple plinth.


Only thing is maybe a dust cover for it, maybe someone knows of an acrylic mfg that woul d make a custom cover of some kind. Guess it would be fine without one though, and might rather see it out in the open anyway.

I understand the 521 was dirt cheap though and would rather have it than a Rega / music hall or whatever. Bet the 521 would still sound really good though, if the electronics inside were ok.
520/521 were not that "cheap"....the build is not the 60ties(aka 124) but there was something of the Thorens "magic" in the sound.....the best "Thorens" was the EMT cross EMT 928......
Agreed. The EMT 928 which was essentially a highly optimized TD125 with better electronics, a fixed suspension and better motor with slightly different top plate was a legend in turntables.

With mucho modifications a stock TD125 can be converted to elite performance status similar to EMT. If you look at that website in the above post, they seem to recognize this and is exactly what they are up to.