Turntable and cartridge setup known for a marvelous bottom end.

I could use some advice. I am thinking on upgrading my Pro-Ject Classic turntable and Hana SH cartridge. My speakers are Monitor Audio Gold 300's. They go down to 30 which isn't quite a subwoofer spec, but because they are so darn close, I really don't want to complement them with one.


What I am thinking is rather that getting a sub, with your help I would upgrade my turntable setup with a turntable and cartridge that has been proven to have a wonderful bottom end.

So far my only guides have been the end of year rating in the audiophile magazines. For the most part these guides are over the place.

The only turntable that shows up in all the audiophile magazines is the very affordable Rega P-10. They all report that it is a splendid turntable, but not once have I heard of anyone marveling over its bottom end. I'd like to keep the $$$ down to around 10 grand. Thanks for your help.


The phono stage is Parasound JC3+ going to a Benchmark LA 4 pre-amp to a Benchmark AHB2 power amp.




@ghdprentice , I hate to elbow you but I think that is lay instinct. I'm sure there are a bunch of mass loaded turntables that have great bass but any VPI turntable that comes with a unipivot arm is less likely to have great bass. It is the one place that in general unipivot arms fail the most. Theoretically, a properly suspended turntable should have clearer bass (more detail) because much less low frequency noise is transferred to them mechanically. Suspended tables do tend to be more expensive.. I would much prefer a Kuzma turntable over a VPI. The M is a really nice piece except for the price. The Ref 2 is also a beautiful table but the M comes with a dust cover!

How loud do U play music. Our ear bass response is level dependent. I believe flat response on healthy ears is 100dB, terribly unhealthy. At 80dB I believe the ear is down over 10 dB. The point is a flat system may be flat for real but at normal listening levels your ears are the problem. To hear low bass a reasonable levels you need reinforcement.

I can verify that the Pro-Ject the Classic and Classic EVO pair very well with the Hana SH.  If you have "the Classic" also consider the Pro-Ject The Classic Evo Sub-Platter Upgrade $149 at Audio Advisor.  It will bring your classic up to Evo spec.

The Hana SH just sounds fantastic, more detailed and foregiving than my former Ortofon 2M Black.  The key is you'll need a good set-up the VTA and other settings must be spot on for the eliptical Hana SH stylus.  All the highs and low end will be revealed.

I'm playing Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20s and was blown away by implementing 1 10 inch sub. There's no way you will ever get the bottom you want without a sub. I would say borrow one and hear what I'm talking about

Trust me you will be satisfied

look at another table/cart after you have heard the sub in play

Good luck


I have personally moved from the Hana EH to the ML and if was a fantastic move. I also just recently moved the the Clearaudio Ovation from my Concept Wood and this was a fantastic move for bass and micro details. I can highly recommend these moves for better bass and even bass detail. Good luck!