Turntable/Cartridge/Phono Stage questions

My current system consists of new Mark Levinson seperates, along with Revel Studio speakers. My preamp..... a ML380S, does not have a phono stage.

Having said this, I have been absent from vinyl/analog for quite a long time, but I am interested in revisiting the format. I have an old B&O 4002 turntable which has been collecting dust for ages, but I would like to get it up and running. In order to do this, it would need a minor tuneup, as well as a new cartridge......which I have located. I must emphasize, it is NOT my intention to go crazy with analog, I merely would like to re-visit my old vinyl recordings........especially the OOP ones.

Herein lie my questions: I have been reading about MM vs MC cartridges on this forum. I am unaware of which type cartridge the B & O uses. (The appropriate Cartridge Model is MMC 20CL, EN, or SR.) Would someone in the know please identify whether these cartridges are MM or MC? Accordingly, what might be an appropriate Phono Stage for this application? Again, I do not want to go too crazy with this, as the analog thing will be a very minor portion of my listening experience.

It is my hope to obtain a relatively inexpensive phono section which will give me reasonable performance (if that exists). I also want to assure that I acquire a phono stage with the proper signal output considering the given cartridge.

Any suggestions, information and/or share experiences would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the words of wisdom.

Instead of buying B&O cartridge you can find some garage-sale turntable for $15 and hook it up with ML equipment.

Good Luck.
V1: Check the following website for details/specs on the deck (there is a cartridge link as well).


The deck sounds best @ low/medium volume levels, otherwise its noise level becomes a problem.

In "mint" condition it's probably worth $200 tops, but as a part of your past I can see the benefit of restoring it.

I do not understand the cartridge output specs, as they are stated @ the website, but perhaps you or someone else here will. This is what you need in order to match it to a phono preamp along with the loading specs.
Thanks folks for all of your responses to my question. The cartridge is of MM design, and I will acquire a phono stage applicable to such, and see how it goes. This should prove to be an interesting experiment. Again, many thanks.

Actually there were adaptors made to install cartridges other than B&O on the 4002, but they are probably more rare than the B&O cartridges! Why aren't you using the cartridge that you have? Get a cheap phono pre-pre and try. As others have pointed out or will, you can do better with the purchase of another TT etc., if you are still interested after listening to your present set-up OR you might just be satisfied with your 4002 setup.

salut, Bob P.
Hello Bob P:

My existing cartridge was damaged in a tracking anomoly. As you know, the 4002 is a linear tracking device. At the end of a record one day, the tonearm lifted off the record very very slowly, but not before dragging the needle halfway across the record in the "return to park" tracking cycle. It is my understanding that this was a common problem with this product, although it only happened once to me over many years. Anyhow, this situation partially damaged the record I was listening to, and destroyed the stylus. The tonearm problem is why I am having the turntable repaired (less than a hundred dollar problem), and also why I am replacing the cartridge. The cartridges are difficult to locate, but I have found one.

As for better turntables.......especially in my current system, I realize there are many better choices out there. I simply am not interested at this time in getting serious with analog. This is simply an inexpensive, entertianing experiment involving my old OOP records as well as a 28 year old turntable which I once adored. It is mostly nostalgic in nature, although it may precipitate a renewed interest in Analog. In the end though, even though my records are in excellent condition, any possible upgrade would depend on how well I re-learn to listen around the cracks and pops!

Regards, and thanks for your post.