Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.

Hi guys


I currently run Ortofon 2M Black cartridge that is MM type. 

what would be step up to MC type cartridges in price range $1200 that would be way better than 2M Black ?


Thank you for input ahead!


There is a Hana ML for sale here which is a $1200.00 moving coil cartridge for $400.00.  The seller is well known in the forums and it is an excellent buy at 66% off.  It’s a great way to see if you like the moving coil sound without going into debt. 

I had and really enjoyed the 2M black.  I upgraded to an Audio Technica ART9 and was blown away how clean, colorful, bassy and dynamic it was compared to the 2M.

At the time it was $1100 but now the prices are higher.  If you can stretch your budget a little the ART9XI is a big winner.  

secretguy yes it is not 30k so sub 10K are just entry level audiophile TT 

I know you can get Riga for 2k and it is excellent TT but honestly it does not look like much