Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.

Hi guys


I currently run Ortofon 2M Black cartridge that is MM type. 

what would be step up to MC type cartridges in price range $1200 that would be way better than 2M Black ?


Thank you for input ahead!


Another vote for the Hana ML I think it is a lot of cart for the money.

I've moved on from the Hana (sold it for $700 in a couple of days after 18 mths use) but what has remained constant is the GoldNote PS-10 and PSU-10. I'm using the balanced output which is great if your amp supports it.

I've asked a couple of reputable high-end dealers (both carry Nagra as an example) about upgrading the GoldNote and the consensus was I'd need to spend double the money for a relatively small gain in SQ, and of course you could start with just the PS and add the LPS later. 

Just my 2 cents. 

PS. I have a Black Ice DAC which I'm very happy with, no experience with their phono stages but I'd be tempted to try one if I were you, especially with their 45 day return policy and the direct to consumer model usually means more bang for the buck. 

I run a Hana ML with a Sutherland Insight phono preamp (and VPI table) with very good results.  Not terribly expensive…may be worth a listen. 

+1 on the Darlington Labs.

I owned the Mani and went  to the Darlington Labs MP 7. 

Always felt it was a major upgrade from the Mani.

So much info guys I need to do my home work now, honestly now I'm dumber that I was before I started asking questions :)  Thank you all for input !