Turntable comments and recommendations, please

After several years as a reader of these threads, I thought I might avail myself of the experience and knowledge out there. I've decided to upgrade my analog front end - specifically the turntable,arm and cartridge. Currently I'm using a VPI mkIII with RB300 and Transfiguration Spirit. I've read a number of threads and reviews to tried to narrow the choices down. I'm thinking about a Teres 265 (very expensive), a used Sota Cosmos MKII (upgraded vacuum), or a used Acoustic Signature Analog One. I have no experience with any of these on a first hand basis. So I'm wondering if other Goner's might offer their opinions and appraisals, particularly if they have comparative experience with two or more of these. The later two are appealing on a price basis as the the Teres represents a significant budget stretch. Also Arm recommendations and experiences with these would also be much appreciated as well.

I prefer a warm presentation, and prefer classical and jazz recordings.
I also agree with above. The VPI and the Rega arm are two very good products that you can squeeze lots more performance out of. The cost to purchase a comparable full new rig would be incredible!
What they said. What you said you are looking for is a apt description of the VPI sound. Why change systems when you can get much more out of what you have? Stan.
Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. So far it seems unanimous that tweeking the current setup provides more bang for the buck than an outlay on a new rig. I had thought about this option but wasn't sure whether it would provide returns equal to a significant upgrade. Thanks for the confirmations to the contrary.
Ed, if you decided to go "full boat" including the SAMA, and a good quality cartridge, you would be attaining a level of performance knocking on the doors of turntables costing $6-$10,000.

With the myriad of new turntables available today, we often forget about "the benchmark standards" that have been around for years. Personally, I feel you would be hard pressed to find a turntable that will perform as well as the VPI after mods and upgrades. I mean, we can always try to find better. But once you reach this level of performance, you are going to have to evaluate if other products are possibly better, or just simply different sounding.

Best of luck, Ed.