Turntable dust cover cleaning

Howdy. I have an issue with my Sota turntable dust cover. Pretty much every day, I have to clean streaks off the cover. There is a very high amount of static. I do run a very small humidifier as well. I live in Colorado (very dry climate) and the problem is worse on very dry days. I use Sprayway glass cleaner which has no ammonia and is safe for plastic. I'm assuming the cover is either plastic or plexiglass.

Here's a photo of it - https://imgpile.com/images/G1MMZ8.jpg

Any ideas?

Thanks much !


Thanks all for the feedback and advice. There are a couple of suggestions I'll try here regarding cleaning solution and microfiber cloths. I'll report back on results. And, as several have mentioned, it is not a scratch issue as the cover is in perfect condition. It is very much about the film that is a result of both the static from the dry climate, and perhaps use of Sprayway. I have a "Hudson Hi-Fi Vinyl Record Cleaning Arm Anti Static Brush" that will move around when I'm running a cloth over it, from the crazy amount of static. 

@hazeloop are you saying that your Hudson HiFi anti static brush (under the dust cover) will move around when you’re running a cloth on the outside of the cover?

Once you you get it clean, just use a very slightly dampened microfiber cloth with distilled water. 

@rhg3 - correct. It's picking up the static from the cloth. Same effect even if I run my hand across the cover.