Turntable for life

I know the question has been asked before but it’s worth asking again. Many change equipment frequently, but have you found your turntable for life?  One that you’ve had for years and still pleases you so much you are going to keep it forever? Price is irrelevant--it can be 300 Dollars or 30.000 Dollars 

The Turntable I purchased a lifetime ago and is still with me (sort of) - the Rega Planar II - way back in 1981.

Since then I've applied several upgrades - to the point where the only original parts left on it is - the lid/cover and the on/off switch.

I started with relatively small "tweaks" - like the Michell Techno-weight, the Cardas Incognito one piece tone-arm harness upgrade, a ceramic bearing and the Rega Motor upgrade kit.

Then the more serious tweaks, such as replacing the plinth, replacing the Glass platter with an acrylic one, replacing the sub-platter with a high tech aluminum sub-platter and finally  - replacing the RB250 tonearm with an Audiomods Series 3 Tone-arm.

I could have simply replaced the old TT - but this was much more fun!

It would be really difficult to part with it after that "journey" :-)


I recently ordered my last TT.  A VPI Avenger.  It will be my TT for the rest of my life.

Mine was custom built. The table itself was made from 12" dia. aluminum bar stock... Platter is 4" thick & plinth is 2" thick. The flywheel was made from 3.5" aluminum bar stock. Bearings were hand lapped & made of brass / hardened steel. The motor housing is also made of aluminum & holds a Hurst 300 RPM AC synchronous motor. The tonearm stand is adjustable & separate from the table. Everything is powder coated red &/or black with .75" thick white marble (sitting on .125 sorbothane) between the platter & the plinth. I'm using a Pole Star tonearm with a Denon DL-S1 cartridge. It took me over a year (worked on it in my spare time) to finish this project but have been enjoying it now for almost three years. It looks & sounds wonderful.    
Maplenoll apollo is my lifer, its a massive table that had been modded personally by Lloyd before he started his current company. I have modded the tonearm and i believe it will match up with any table out there. Its not the prettiest or a sleekest table with all the bells and whistles but when the stylus hits the vinyl, you are transported to nirvana. I do have a trail of used tables to get here but i do not see another table in my future
TechDas AF1. Have had it for almost three years and it continues to amaze. I told myself when I bought it,  this would be my end of life TT. So far it's working.