Turntable Hum

Any help appreciated!

Low pitched hum coming from TT input ...even when TT is not running . Hum is noticeable at about 1/4 volume & really bad at 50%

Manley Monoblock Snappers

VPI Scout w Hana MC cart right next to amp on table (moved TT away from amp to floor made 0 difference)

Allnic 1202 Phonostage grounded to VPI TT (on floor below JBL speakers & main speakers right to the left Tekton Encores)

Manley Jumbo Shrimp Preamp

Klark Teknik 32 band EQ

All cables (interconnects) recently replaced - Mogami


I tried ground lifting the TT motor - no change

unplugged tv & nearby laptop - no change

unplugged all lights nearby - no change


I suppose my next troubleshooting venture is to run a ground from phonostage to everywhere & start touching things? Phonostage seems to be the culprit....



Thanks everyone!


@browndt thanks for the tip , I tried some high end Mogami's on the TT to Phono stage , didn't do anything ...🤷🏻‍♂️

 I cannot say exactly what the difference was in my system with TT/phono hum, but I was able to use 4 different phono stages. 2 of them had the hum trouble, 2 didn't. The 2 that didn't were both tube phono preamps. The 2 with hum were SS. Not that it makes any real sense to me. Might have been a coincidence. 

 It just leads me to believe that there is something in the matching of equipment. I bet that the 2 problem phono preamps sounded just fine with the 'right' system.

If possible, I would unplug one of the power strips (obviously the one not being used to power the phono pre). But first, you may want to connect any component being used for vinyl listening to just one power strip. Does your phono pre use a wall-wart power supply or a regular power cord (is that power cord a 2 or 3 prong)?

Another thought....if the phono pre uses a wall wart and has a plug that is non-polarized, try turning the wart upside-down if possible to see if the noise gets better or worse, or doesn't change at all. In other words, invert the prongs into the outlet into which it is plugged.

@discnik the phono pre uses 3 prong power cord . Ive already tried plugging it separately in a completely different outlet & ground lifted it as well...no change .

I should say that the hum happens slightly at about 1/4th volume & it is really noticeable at 50% up....thanks