Turntable Isolation

Im looking for an isolation base for my VPI Signature 21. My listening room is over my garage and a times my footfalls cause the table to skip. What have you used that works? 


@grislybutter I believe that method lets only Good Vibrations through....though you have to do the concentric circles with a tiny rake in the right direction.

I second that Townshend isolation platform is probably the best I have the Townshend podiums underneath my speakers and it was like I had upgraded to more expensive electronics the improvement was unbelievable.

@dogberry so if I stay outside of the box, and I let Brian Wilson do the raking, I should be good?

Another thumbs up for the Townshend platforms. The Symposium Segue ISO shelf was the one that finally eliminated footfall issues for my Xerxes tt and eventually led me to Townshend. My next purchase was the Townshend  Podiums for my speakers and was such a revelation. Now also have their Platform under the cdp. I think you will be amazed by the isolation for your table.