Turntable Isolation

Im looking for an isolation base for my VPI Signature 21. My listening room is over my garage and a times my footfalls cause the table to skip. What have you used that works? 


Going a bit further than what @elliottbnewcombjr recommended, you can go with Mapleshade’s complete vibration control system.  A bit much visually, but I have found it to be effective, both in protecting from footfalls and cleaning up the treble at higher listening volumes.  Also considerably cheaper than the Townshend or some other solutions.




You will enjoy the Townsend.  I have a bunch of those cork/rubber blocks.  They are OK...but in a different league.  And I also have the maglev platter on my table and it's all on a Salamander rack.  A bit of overkill.

Happy Listening

@elevick have you tried Mapleshade’s complete vibration control system with the wooden platform and the brass footers along with the cork/rubber blocks?  I am not suggesting that the blocks alone are adequate.  Not that a VPI table really needs more mass, but the wood platform adds significant mass in between the blocks and turntable feet/brass footers that helps reduce vibration coming from both the table and from the floor/room.  It is also both less expensive and less elegant than the Townshend platform, which is within the OP’s budget.  But some folks may like the quaint funkiness of the Mapleshade design.


So the Townshend platform did not solve the footfall issue. Back to square one