Turntable Isolation

Im looking for an isolation base for my VPI Signature 21. My listening room is over my garage and a times my footfalls cause the table to skip. What have you used that works? 


So the Townshend platform did not solve the footfall issue. Back to square one  

I hate to say I told you so. Sorry about that. I guess I did not comment until after you had ordered the Townsend. All those feet thingies are also garbage. To properly isolate a turntable the suspension needs to be tuned below 3 hz, three bounces every second. That is so slow you can count it. 

Try this experiment. Put the turntable on the floor. If the footfall problem improves at all a shorter more stable rack will also improve the problem. Then down the line you can either replace the floor or get a Sota Sapphire, Nova or Cosmos. Easy choice I think. Hanging the turntable is another viable solution. People laugh at it, but it will reliable vanquish the footfall problem. All you need is a drill and a ladder. Get a big butcher block carving board, 8 hooks, chains and turnbuckles. 

Knownothing, I haven't played with the Mapleshade system.  I'm sure it's in the same price realm as a Townsend but a lot bulkier and way flashier looking.  Those cork & rubber blocks are ok but most of mine sit unused.

Mijostyn-Hanging a table, really?  Swinging in the wind...  You would love my Sota, bring a bowling ball and pins.  See if you can get it to skip.  I dare you.


Similar issues in my home. I had a VPI Classic 2. The footfall issues weren’t as pronounced as most other tables I tried, but still there. I now have a Sota Sapphire and zero footfall issues.

My Technics SL-1200 MK2 is also a champ at ignoring footfalls after upgrading the feet with Mnpctech feet. You might look into one of the newer Technics models.

Townshend does not solve the footfall problem, but eliminated vibrations and improved the sound incredibly. To solve the footfall problem (which interestingly enough, the Townshend platform created due to some wave interference), I had to put the table (which is very light, a Rega P8) on a wall mounted shelf as Max Townshend told me I would have to. RIP - he was a great guy to talk to, kind of like a mad scientist who said you can have worse sound with no footfalls or tip toe with his platform, or put his platform on top of a wall shelf for the best of everything. If you can't do a wall shelf, you're stuck with tiptoeing or buying a more expensive table, or putting up with it (not a great option).