Turntable Maintainance

How often do you clean or replace the drive belt.
I should have mentioned that I clean the belt every two weeks.
Now that i'm getting older the 25 lb. platter which must be removed for access to the belt is getting heavier.
I was thinking that I might clean less often and preserve my strength for playing the heavy vinyl LP's from the 1060's.
Thanks for your response
FWIW, a local modder who modified my vintage Thorens TD-166 MkII suggested I dust the belt with talc. As long as the excess talc is gently removed with a dry paper towel, he feels it will reduce the tendency of a rubber belt to stick, and thereby increase speed accuracy and belt life. Just my $0.02.
Wouldn't alcohol dry out and eventually crack a belt and boiling it stretch it out and weaken it? I am surprised VPI recommended that; as a former TNT own we I don't remember that one! Talc I do remember and used it often.