Turntable matching to MC or MM cart.

What’s your opinion on tt/tonearm matching with MC or MM cartridges...how relevant it is...what’s your arguments of good matching and do you have examples of perfect match ?
Irrelevant. Beyond irrelevant. MC or MM is irrelevant. Arm is irrelevant. Turntable does not matter either. The one thing that does matter is cartridge output. MC or MM, either way cartridge output must be compatible with your phono stage. If you use a very low output cartridge with a phono stage that does not have enough gain, results will be poor no matter what arm you mount it on. Likewise if you use a very high output MM cart on a phono stage designed for low output MC and you overload the input then again poor results.

Ultimately though I said "beyond" irrelevant. That is because all of this, true as it certainly is, nevertheless is beside the point. The one match that really matters is how the sound the cartridge puts out matches with how you want it to sound. How it sounds vs how you want it to sound. Only match that ever matters.
Phono stage / cart type and output compatible is not a question, what more interesting is mechanical, physical site of matching. 
In theory everything explained here

Practically it’s subjective, we have different systems and you have no idea who is a person who will answer your question (and his/her experience with different tonearms/cartridges). 
Leap of faith, like choosing a speaker you haven't heard before.

I've mentioned this before- If it doesn't blow up/start a fire everything else is subjective in audiophoolery.

Proper phonostage, clean LP and basic alignment parameters are enough for me.