Turntable matching to MC or MM cart.

What’s your opinion on tt/tonearm matching with MC or MM cartridges...how relevant it is...what’s your arguments of good matching and do you have examples of perfect match ?
Matching of any cart applies to the phono stage with a few compliance outliers. Then you only have to pick an arm and find what works best.
I am a MM/MI guy and use a phono stage specific to MM/MI carts of the high output verity. If I decide to go MC low I will buy a SUT.

Gail 2 https://www.lejonklou.com/products/gaio-grammofonsteg-2/

matches well with all my Nagaoka MP Cart’s
If I decide to go MC low I will buy a SUT.
Other words, you think that combo of MM phono stage with SUT is better choice than dedicated MC phono stage alone or you just like your MM stage a lot?
@surfmuz you want very simple answers, but it’s impossible to say what is better, each MC phono stage is different, they are not the same. When someone will tell you that SUT is always better - this statement is false.

For example you can read about Aurorasound Vida and if you read carefully you will understand this is unique design (like no othe MC phono stage).

Then you can read about current-mode MC phono stage from 47Labs and this is another unique design.

You know about tube phono stages too, they are way different from Solid State ...

.. so on and on ...

Do not expect simple answers!

You want to use a cartridge in a tonearm that resonates at the right frequencies when mounted in the arm so you don not want to use a high compliance cartridge in a high mass arm just like a low compliance cartridge does not work in a low mass arm. The other important factor is gain and cartridge output you need enough gain to match the cartridge otherwise you will introduce noise especially with low or very low output moving coils. A perfect match would be when you arm and cartridge do not distort or mistrack over any loud passages nor do they hum or make noise over the entire record surface.