Turntable question; Does Audio Technica make any good turntables?

In the $500 to $1000 range does Audio Technica make any good turntables, either belt drive or direct drive? Compared to say Pro-Ject, Fluance, Rega, Music Hall, Technics, etc.

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MC What is your impression of this brand? Which one do you have? What is the cost? any anti-skate on the TT?

AT has a pretty (soon to be released) limited edition TT for slightly over your budget ($1200).

No reviews that I can find as of yet.

I don't recall ever seeing/hearing an AT turntable.



My first turntable was the Miller Carbon, based on the Teres Audio bearing, platter and motor. I made the plinth of BDR Source Shelf, with several modifications and upgrades over the years. You can see it on my system page, with Origin Live Conqueror arm.

This was a very fine table, way better than the (more expensive) Basis it replaced, and the fact it was so good had me avoiding trying to find a better turntable for a great many years. Nearly 20 years. The Conqueror arm had replaced the very well regarded Graham 2.2. The Conqueror was so much better, way out on another level in every way, that I used that arm for about 15 years. 

Until about a year ago when they were both replaced with Origin Live Sovereign deck and Enterprise arm. This pair is so much better it is mind-boggling. You can see it on my system page, Chuxpona21, when it was brand new. 

So brand new in fact it had low single digit hours on it when Krissy and the group in the pictures arrived for the weekend event. Far from dialed in. Yet it sounded so good the whole group sat wrapt for a solid hour at least. Sounded so good one guy who had even brought his DAC to set me straight had to suffer through his own wife melting when she heard how much better the Sovereign sounds. We did a direct comparison of her favorite Tracy Chapman track.

One of the beautiful things about analog is they all sound good. AT and Rega will get you the lean side of good, some of the others the fat side, a few somewhere in between. But you spend the money, it is hard to be disappointed. Mark Baker however, once you hear Origin Live you will understand why I recommend them so highly.

In the year or so since I got mine there are at least three people that I know of who have bought OL decks on my recommendation. As it turns out this is about as much if not more than the people listed on-line as actual OL dealers! So, full disclosure, Mark Baker has agreed to take me on as a dealer. Currently working on one that if it goes through I will be mounting arms and cartridges, so full service. If it  goes through. I have yet to sell a single table.

Not that I care. Don't need the money. Really only care about finding great gear and turning others onto great gear. Happy to help answer any and all questions. Makes me just as happy if you get one from Mark as me. 

I'm telling you this even though their entry level deck the Aurora is out of your price range. At about $1800 it would be a stretch. That is just for the table. Which is the way to do it- buy table and arm separately. Better to get a really good table and whatever arm you can afford, because then later when you upgrade the arm maybe to something like the Silver, wow do you have a fine deck! Cartridge last. In that order.

It always pays to study the stuff that is a little beyond your price range, because that is what you want to grow into. Check out Michael Fremer's review of the Resolution, "one of the truly special products I’ve reviewed in the past eighteen years." What I'm talking about.


Did you read the question that was asked from the OP?

In the $500 to $1000 range does Audio Technica make any good turntables, either belt drive or direct drive? Compared to say Pro-Ject, Fluance, Rega, Music Hall, Technics, etc.

Thanks for all the comments. Didn't know about OL. So even though MC didn't answer the question exactly... I am going to say thanks anyway for the information.

I can squeak out a few dollars more as long as my wife doesn't know the actual cost. I will look into more options...