Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,

Hi All,

Im looking for suggestion or any forms of recommendation for a New Turntable,My  buget is from 10-15K. I already have a Tri-Planer Tone arm and just looking to upgrade the table.

Not interested in the Kuzma or VPI, below are the ones i am looking at mostly:

AVID Acutus
Origin Live

Or a Older Gerad, Technics SP-10 Thorens?

Anymore suggestion,

I abandoned Vinyl many years ago in pursuit for the best digital gear. Was extremely disappointed with the MSB Diamond & Analog DAC after owning it for over 18 months i sold them both.

I now have the Playback Design Merlot dac and pleased with it but would like to go back into Vinyl.

Im looking for a very musical presentation, transparent, speed which has a nice midrange bloom but not over the top. Somethign which can last me for a few years at least 5-8 years with out upgrading.
I've worked with a great dealer who sells Oracle and VPI.  He might be a great resource to talk with.  No pressure.  Just message me if you want to connect with him.. Best of luck.  
Another 5 cents from uninformed vinyl-head: I Love my totally-Naim-ed and Keel-ed Sondek but given another chance I would try DPS/Ayre TT. Based solely on the reviews from Art Dudley of Stereophile. Lame advice, I know, my only excuse is that DPS has already been mentioned here... 
Consider a PTP Audio or Transfi Audio Salvation turntable.  The former is a top notch Lenco rebuild by Peter Reinders.  The latter is a British built direct drive turntable that is all new construction.  It has been favorably reviewed on this forum.  Also, his Terminator tonearm is well-discussed on this forum and Audio Asylum.

Both founders of their respective companies are members of Lenco Heaven.
I agree with redglobe. In your price range I'd also be looking at a JC Verdier 'table or a Jean Nantais lenco: www.idler-wheel-drive.com

Check Out the Merrill Williams "The R.E.A.L. 101 Turntable"
Install your Tri-Planer Tone Arm and you will never look back!                             
Have George fix you up!
Best of luck