Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,

Hi All,

Im looking for suggestion or any forms of recommendation for a New Turntable,My  buget is from 10-15K. I already have a Tri-Planer Tone arm and just looking to upgrade the table.

Not interested in the Kuzma or VPI, below are the ones i am looking at mostly:

AVID Acutus
Origin Live

Or a Older Gerad, Technics SP-10 Thorens?

Anymore suggestion,

I abandoned Vinyl many years ago in pursuit for the best digital gear. Was extremely disappointed with the MSB Diamond & Analog DAC after owning it for over 18 months i sold them both.

I now have the Playback Design Merlot dac and pleased with it but would like to go back into Vinyl.

Im looking for a very musical presentation, transparent, speed which has a nice midrange bloom but not over the top. Somethign which can last me for a few years at least 5-8 years with out upgrading.
Dear @dragon_vibe : Your thread stated:

"""  Im looking for a very musical presentation, transparent, speed which has a nice midrange bloom but not over the top. """

These characteristics are not main part of a TT design but more in the " land " of cartridge/tonearm combination mounted in a " decent " TT it does not matters if idler drive/BD or DD.

As I said, almost any TT could works for you and any one with the right cartridge/tonearm/phonolinepreamp/IC cables and is here where you have to take care a little and not so " hard " in the TT. I'm not saying that the TT is not important, because it's but for what are your priorities the other analog links could be more important.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dragon_vibe,  If you are interested is precise sound reproduction vs an aural experience, send me a private email and I can give you access to a recording of my idler-drive via a Tascam DA-3000 recording.
@dragon_vibe "Why Idler Drive over Belt Drive?" There are proponents of both and in your price range you will get a great turntable, regardless of the drive system.  What you prefer will depend on your sonic priorities and the best advice is to listen to examples of each in your price range and decide what you like (preferably with your Triplanar fitted with your cart, through your downstream electronics, though that will probably be difficult if not impossible, as otherwise you can't isolate the sound contributed by the turntable). Idlers are known for steady timing (lack of pitch variation), good bass and "boogie factor", while a really good belt drive may do delicacy and nuance better. Many prefer direct drive over either, though I have found them a bit clinical sounding (cd-like if you prefer); some will say this is more "accurate" and, be that as it may, it is not my preference but it may be yours.