Turntable recommendation

My wife and I are looking into getting a turntable. It would get light use as we mostly stream music via Qobuz. Current system is Bluesound Node, Yamaha CD-S303, Schiit Saga+, Schiit Vidar,  NSMT Chorus 25 speakers and NSMT EXP15 sub. We do not have a record collection as of yet. Based on current gear and the fact that it will get light use. What makes sense? The $379 Yamaha CD player gets light use as well. Seems like a reasonable place to start budget-wise unless its all junk at this price point. 


It may take some time but you could also try to find gear from Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. I put together a second system but with vintage gear.

Another vote for the AT 120. Have it in my man cave system. Out of the box it just works exactly as advertised. The cart is just fine. All for under $400. Sure it’s not as refined as getting into the 2 to 3k range, but that’s not the point here I think. Also vote for the Rega P1 and entry NAD, (pretty much siblings anyway).  IMO one can’t go wrong with either the AT or the Rega.

Beware, it’s easy to start here then in no time spend close to 5k on a nice TT, cart, and phon preamp. Not to mention untold amounts on LP’s.

I recommend you look at a P2 or P3 Rega turntable. Rega has been making tables for 50 years. Their tables look great as well in my opinion. I can totally relate as I mainly stream music as well but you can’t replicate the feel and experience of the large artwork, record and dropping the needle. A lot of fun and just super nostalgic feeling. Best of luck on your new journey.


vinylvin. OP

A lot of TT’s, like the one you listed have tonearms with fixed cartridges.

I recommend tonearms with a removable headshell, to use the OEM provided cartridge, and have an alternate upgrade.

IF you upgrade to a different TT, if a removable headshell, then you can easily move your headshell(s)/cartridges to it

somewhere along the line learning alignment skills.