turntable recommendations for a vinyl newbie...

As some of you might know, I have invested megabucks into digital audio - now being finally satisfied with my custom Audio Note DAC + PWT transport... So I am curious as to how vinyl may compare... I know, I know, but I want to hear for myself in my own system.

So, I am interested in a turntable set up that will be fairly competitive against my Audio Note digital front end, yet will not be expensive (incase I bail) - in other words used.

I have a Micro Seiki DD-40 in mind - would this work? or is there something else that would sound better for around the sub $1000 mark used???

remember, at this point, I know little about TT. and I plan on connecting to my Atma-Sphere pre...

thank you
I really appreciate the thoughtful responses.

I supposed what I'm trying to do right now, is see if this (vinyl) is something I want to pursue... It sounds like only 1K may not give me a honest evaluation?

My initial budget estimate is not set -- my thought process is; it has taken me alot of $$$ to settle on a digital set up that did not sound digital - dare, I say analogue - inother words, not bright or edgy / relaxed, natural in tonal character, attack and decay, and so on... But, sense vinyl is already analogue than maybe the investment would be comparatively less -- anyway, obviously an inexperienced thought process.

So back to the topic - my Atma-Sphere MP3 now has the phono stage in it and I have someone who will teach me how to set up the table. I do have several records, saved from my youth and a few more that has come my way over the years - not "audiophile" records but good examples none the less. All in all, I have around 30. Not anywhere near the thousands of CDs I have, but I figure it would be nice to pick up some of the older Jazz and Big Band stuff I like that has never been issued on CD - which is where my true interest stems from. I am unwilling to reproduce my CD collection in vinyl, I'm simply too deep in (same goes for the computer audio stuff).
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Lenco 75..... watch for them on the gon they are suppose to be a great bang for the $$$, try to get one that Jean Nantais has re done.. just a thought
I think $1000 would give you a "taste" of vinyl, it just won't sonicaly compare with what you have. I had a $300 Music Hall TT which absolutely was more "enjoyable" than my then digital rig, a $6500 MF TriVista SACD player (now a $6500 paper weight BTW). It cetainly did not sound better, but was more musical to my ears. As a result I have a much better TT now, inspired by this revelation. YMMV.
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