Turntable recommendations under $1500

I have a Pro-ject 6.9 table with a Shelter 501 Mk11 cartridge. Pretty happy with the sound, but not with the pronounced motor noise. Table is mounted on brackets on a wall, so I'm not mistaking acoustic feedback for motor rumble. Anybody got any suggestions for something that sounds at least comparable but without the motor noise? Thanks!
Origin Live Aurora MK2 - about $1350 (new)and then add your own arm. I am using a modified RB300 and Sumiko Blackbird with mine and it is dead quiet. If you can find one used it would be an even better deal but they seam to be rare on the used market. There is a lsting for one now (not mine) with an upgraded OL Silver tonearm but it is a little over your stated goal for cost due to the upgraded tonearm.