Turntable repair Denver area..PLEASE HELP COLORADO

Hello all,

I hope some of my Colorado folks know of a good turntable expert in the area. I have an original Michell Gyrodec which has been the source of many headaches. I had a cartridge and tonearm wires replaced at my local shop (not in Denver) and it sounded good for a while. I am now missing one channel and me thinks the tonearm wires have come loose. I need someone who’s been doing this for a while and might know a thing or two about vintage turntables and arms ( the arm is a Zeta from the ‘80’s). 

Hoping to find a guru in the Denver area who can help me love this back to brilliance.

Thanks in Advance 


You might not need a guru for this problem. I have a Gryrodec as well and experienced a similar issue. A few questions:

1) Is this an intermittent problem?
2) If you swap the right/left phono leads into the preamp, does the problem move to the other channel?
3) Did you make any changes prior to this problem surfacing?

In my situation the techno arm wire had frayed right at the RCA connector. But losing a channel could be caused by several things.


You could check with Rick Duplisea at Audio Alternatives in Fort Collins.  They sold Michell many moons ago and Rick is a master at turntable set-up.

@rhg3 ive isolated the problem to either the lead cables or the tonearm cable. That tonearm is too much for me to mess with. 

@mofimadness thanks much I’ll check it out!!

@birdfan...you're welcome.  If Rick can't help, Michael at Brit Audio can repair the tonearm.  You would have to take it off and send it to him, but he's EXCELLENT!!!

He's rewired/upgraded quite a few arms for me.  Highly recommended.


Have you tried https://auralhifi.com/ 

I have a great chat with Jeremy, very nice person and wow what a great collection of gear.