I recently dug out my old LP records that appear in good to good-very good condition. I need a turntable an don't need to get esoteric. Looking for affordability and utility and will connect to a Parasound P-3 and AR Classic 30 with Elac B6
Thank you

Turntables are more personal than digital players, ergonomics being a consideration. I myself prefer a high-mass design with a platter designed to damp vinyl resonance, and an LP clamping system. The best value around in that type of table is the old VPI HW-19 Mk.2 or MK.3, which are plentiful used. It is a heavy-duty design, with a massive floating steel subchassis having a very low-resonant-frequency-suspension via four springs, an 8lb. black Delrin platter with lead insert, and an LP clamp that secures the LP to the platter and flattens warps. I found one in the desirable piano black finish a few months back for $500 plus shipping (another $100).

Mount an arm of your choice, like one of the Jelco’s, an Audiomods arm (from the U.K.), or a Well Tempered, and a pick-up that matches the gain provided by the P-3, and you’ve got a great LP player for between $1500 and $2000. Do you consider that affordable? It is very utilitarian!

A cheaper alternative is the AR ES-1, from the 1980-90’s, which was offered with or without a Jelco-sourced arm. It is a lower-mass design, with a floating subchassis (via three springs) and an aluminum platter topped with a felt mat---an economy Linn Sondek. Available with arm for under $1000.

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Why would anyone give a recommendation without a budget listed new or used ?
Another vote for Well Tempered Labs 'table. As one gentleman put it, "Beats anything south of $8k.
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