Turntable sounds so much better when...

Hi i have a Pioneer pl-510-turntable and when i loosen the screw about a full turn, at the headshell/tonearm connection the sound is Amazingly better!! The Bass tighter then ever...Highs so crisp and Clear...soundstage much improved...im baffled...??!! I have a Denon DL-110 cartridge..PLEASE help me understand..Thank-you Richard

If whatever experiment can't be repeated by others with the same

result than such experiment should be counted as worthless.

please, Nandric ;-)
(sound of folding old knees, and downfall to earth following...)

Many truths are actually tests of hypotheses where the scientist seeks to prove that no relationship is wrong, not that one is right. This is especially true in the social sciences. Often one convincing finding can break the paradigm.

In audio, many want to think that total harmonic distortion is a go judge of and amplifier. Since I've heard amps with low such distortion that sound awful, I reject this. Basically, it is to each his own in audio and this is greatly harmed by the internet killing off dealers. Shows help somewhat but dealers have more time to break in equipment and to treat their room.

Now basically 'trial and error' is the only way. I use 1/2" thin silver cups-11 of them placed at certain locations my room. I have had many room treatments that these Zilpexs greatly improve on. I really have never heard of an explanation of these. He tried all sorts of metals, all sorts of sizes, and all sorts of locations, until he found the best.