Turntable that will be around heavy foot steps?

Looking for suggestions for turntables that would be used in a show/demo environment where there would be heavy foot steps/footfall about 3-6 feet from the turntable. Think Headfi vendor exhibition tables if you've been to a Canjam or the like.

Using it with an isolation platform is also an option. Lets say under $10k for used including the tonearm.
Funk Firm Boing feet.  Have them on my LSD and can stomp, jump right in front of the table without problem....
Thanks very much for all the advice guys!

I was asking true to the conditions outlined in the first post, so no drilling wall shelves at a convention :)
My Bang and Olufsen was very good in that regard. And it was relatively cheap when I bought it. You could rap on the base like you were knocking on a door. 
Old Technics sl10 linear tracker, you can play it standing upright if you wish!

Oops missed April 1st.....