Turntable upgrade recommendations: SME vs AMG vs Technics vs other

I've recently upgraded most of my system, but I still have a Rega P8, with Linn Krystal cartridge, which I like, but I've heard that there may be better options.

I have Sound Lab electrostatic speakers, Ypsilon Hyperior amplifiers, an Ypsilon PST-100 Mk2 pre-amplifier, and am thinking about an Ypsilon phono stage to match with my system, and a turntable/cartridge.  I listen to almost entirely classical, acoustic music. 

Based on my very limited knowledge, and simple research, I've been looking at three brands, each of which is a different type of turntable: SME (suspension), AMG (mass), and Technics (direct drive).  
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of turntables, and of those in particular?




Maybe you should consider yourself lucky that you ended up with the Model 30. The Model 60 costs in excess of  £20,000 more, and offers, as substantial improvements:

(i) a new motor and motorcontroller (with separately-housed transformer);

(ii) a new resin armwand for the SME V. 

Apart from these two (let's assume) clear improvements, the suspension system has been reworked so that the 'o' rings are now hidden (many will consider this an aesthetic improvement), and everything has been made a bit more massive.


- the basic concept is unchanged: heavy metal subchassis and heavy metal top-plate suspended with 'o' rings

- the drive system is unchanged

- the main bearing is (I think) unchanged

- the platter (and clamping system) is unchanged

- downforce, antiskating, damping and general adjustability of the arm are all unchanged

The word is that the Model 60 is a considerable improvement sonically. Aesthetically, it is definitely more stylish, but (in my opinion) only if you take the all-black version (the coloured versions remind me of  much cheaper turntables). 

Back in 1996 (when it was originally introduced) the Model 30 cost £10,000. Now the Model 60 costs five times as much. 

I am not sure Mr Robertson-Aikman would have given the go-ahead to this project. For him, the Model 30 was already the best that SME could produce, and also the best that the end-user could reasonably ask for. Sobriety was the watchword. 


SME is today a Brand owned from late 2016 by Cadence Group as a Parent Company.

Cadence like Profits as all Companies do.

They also like the cost of base materials to be controlled, and metals are escalating in value, resins are more controllable.

The Model 60 with the SME Series V 'A' does seem to fit into a Marketing Model of a Parent Company.      


Maybe you should consider yourself lucky that you ended up with the Model 30.

Err, did he? Thought he went with the Dohmann Helix?

Dear @drbond  : You have not any trouble to match the SCHroder tonearm with almost any cartridge due that you can get 3 different weigth " headshells.


Now, I don't like the Blue Lace overall performance levels and looking the " road " you choosed my advise is to go for the Lyra Atlas Lambda and the Verissimo.



I think that the Koertsu designs are already " exhausted " against today topnew cartridge designs.