Turntables that are still made in Japan?

I believe Luxman TT's are still made in Japan. I know Technics moved to Malaysia. Just curious any others still being produced in Japan. 


Luxman just discontinued the PD 171-A and they are re-doing the 151. They are making their own tonearm w/the demise of Jelco. They have been doing Anniversary specials so maybe a direct drive TT is in the works.

The market is saturated with just about any Japanese table you would care to own. Pick one out, buy it, have it refurbished. Save yourself several grand.

I'll have to keep an eye out. A DD, made in Japan Luxman would be ideal if not too pricey (above $10k)

The new GR, G, and GAE Technics decks are still made in Japan, but the 1500C is made in Malaysia, I believe. 
@stereo5 Yes, I believe that’s true. It’s obviously easy to look up too.