Turntables that are still made in Japan?

I believe Luxman TT's are still made in Japan. I know Technics moved to Malaysia. Just curious any others still being produced in Japan. 




You are correct, however, Technics overseeing operations in Japan with the excellent work culture of all involved vs somewhere else plays a giant role. Even Toyota has issues with their Mexico made autos. The warranty repairs of Tacomas built in Mexico is huge over the US made California versions (thats even with US work culture). It's the managing of such that is the issue. I don not know Technics track record of managing outside their home country. 



You do realize Tacomas are made by Toyota which is a truck and the Turntables are made by Technics?  A truvk has thousands of parts where a turntable is made of a couple of hundred parts at most.  More things can go wrong with with an item with thousands of parts made by different suppliers.  You are comparing two different things, why?


When I had a 2004 Tacoma, which I purchased brand new, it was made in Torrence, California. I had big problems with the radiator, it was replaced 3 times, water pump replaced twice, starter replaced twice, engine developed problems with 2 of the valves, Toyota service in Massachusetts said it was nothing to worry about until the engine made a very loud noise while doing 60mph on Interstate 95 and the engine was toast. Toyota at first refused the warranty saying I didn’t change the oil enough.  When the Zone Rep came to speak with me I showed him all the receipts proving my oil was changed religiously every 3500 miles by the Toyota Dealer  He immediately changed his tune and authorized the repair which took a couple of weeks.  Toyota wouldn’t give me a loaner vehicle though.  The day I got it back, I traded it in on a new Acura RSX Type S and never looked back.

Now, what were you saying about Mexico?


No matter how many parts. I'm talking management strength and its ability to set expectations and hold quality accountable. Much easier in Japan with their culture. My Toyota reference was attempting to show the "Worlds Best" can even have issues outside of the familiar, strong Japanese work culture. I'm not saying Technics/Panasonic does not have that ability. It's just something to consider. World class turntables can be assembled by hobos living under a bridge if proper management is in place. 

I've got a Technics SL-1200G that was built in Japan, though I'm sure that Malaysians can do just as good a job under Technics supervision...