Turntables that are still made in Japan?

I believe Luxman TT's are still made in Japan. I know Technics moved to Malaysia. Just curious any others still being produced in Japan. 


I've got a Technics SL-1200G that was built in Japan, though I'm sure that Malaysians can do just as good a job under Technics supervision...

Every Malaysian manufactured TT will be shipped at spec, eventually. But claiming that Malaysia can rival a steadfast Japanese manufacturing process straight out of the gate sounds bit over the top to me.

Luxman is getting ready to offer a MK II version of their PD-151 (The unit was displayed at recent audio shows). It looks like Luxman is making their own tonearm. Along with their new cartridge, Luxman seems committed to Analog. I may have to consider a belt drive TT if the Luxman turns out to be a winner. The fit and finish (plus sound) of my Luxman L-595a integrated is amazing.