TV and Blu-ray audio into my DAC

I have a new Sony 900F TV and LG 90 Blu-ray. I really enjoy watching the music from YouTube and Blu-rays. The TV and Blu-ray both have optical and HDMI audio outputs (no USB output). I have an Ayre Codex DAC into a Rogue amp and Vandersteen Treo CT speakers. It sounds great to me yet I am trying to utilize the best setup. The DAC has optical and USB inputs (not HDMI) and according to Ayre the Codex was designed (circuit wise) for the best performance using the USB input in lieu of the optical (not sure why). So here is my question:

Is it as simple as using an HDMI to USB converter dongle to input HDMI audio into the DAC and would that introduce quality and latency issues ?
Both units support the digital optical connection so I’d go that route. I believe an all USB connection can offer certain advantages but those are unlikely to be that relevant here.