TV and upgraded cables

Have you tried good audio cables on TV or projector? Do you see any improvement compared to stock cable? If yes, what improvement and what cable?

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The review compares two cables cheap at 5 pounds and expensive at 79 or 130 pounds. There are two basic problems with this kind of review. First, the reviewer does not mention what cables are used in the test and second, one can argue that 130 pounds is not an expensive cable what about a cable for 1000 pounds. Would you see a difference there who knows? The test would have much more value if the reviewer tested the most expensive cable available for example, but the results could not be generalized anyway.

The only conclusion that the reviewer can draw is that the cable X for 79 pounds and cable Y for 130 pounds does not make a difference in the test performed compared to cable Z for 5 pounds. That is it. 

It is definitely not an expert review.

The point of the article was to understand the fundamentals of the technology better and based on that determine that it is not possible for the cable to affect picture quality outside of single bit/pixel errors.

First in order to study the difference, you have to first understand the fundamental transmission of the data in the HDMI cable.  The article didn't do that.  Until you understand the basics, you can't perform any test.