TV audio into DAC via eARC or better

My HiFi system is also in my main living room which has my largest TV for movies.  Currently running optical audio out of my Sony TV into my Schiit Yggy.  It's ok but something is missing for sure.  Xfinity 4K box is HDMI only.  Apple TV is HDMI only.  I would think the highest possibly resolution would involve eARC.  

I noticed the Lumin P1 has an eARC HDMI port.  Looks like it can also switch video sources but my preference is to keep video quality going straight to the TV.  

I know my compressed version of Batman on Netflix from my Xfinity box isn't going to be great but I need something better!

Thoughts?  Thank you!


My system is setup like yours.  I run ARC from the TV into my HifiRose streaming DAC or Classe preamp and it works well but there are many times where it doesn’t get the “handshake “ and I need to switch sources and then it works.  Optical is more reliable than ARC, but in some rare instances ARC is capable of better resolution.  I would be willing to bet though that the resolution between the two is identical most of the time.  You may run into audio sync issues and again, that’s a power on/off and/or switch sources remedy to fix it.  

I have two systems, predicated on room layout.  My best system has my TV centered between my two channel audio.  So I run optical into my Tambaqui DAC with quality electronics and speakers .  It sounds amazing.

Upstairs my TV is not between my speakers.  So I use a small Marantz AV receiver into a nice unpowered sound bar with Left, Center and Right speakers.  This is connected by ARC over HDMI.  While the convenience of the usual handshake (works about 75% of the time) is nice, in no way does this sound anywhere as good as TV audio over optical into a high end system, regardless of center channel or not.

I would always choose the best equipment first, and not go with (Sonos) just to use eARC.

yeah not using SONOS just know it's very popular.  Probably going into a new DAC in the $10k-$15k range.  Maybe MSB Discrete 

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The Toslink cable makes a big difference. Buy a glass one, they sound much better than plastic ones.