TV audio into DAC via eARC or better

My HiFi system is also in my main living room which has my largest TV for movies.  Currently running optical audio out of my Sony TV into my Schiit Yggy.  It's ok but something is missing for sure.  Xfinity 4K box is HDMI only.  Apple TV is HDMI only.  I would think the highest possibly resolution would involve eARC.  

I noticed the Lumin P1 has an eARC HDMI port.  Looks like it can also switch video sources but my preference is to keep video quality going straight to the TV.  

I know my compressed version of Batman on Netflix from my Xfinity box isn't going to be great but I need something better!

Thoughts?  Thank you!


yeah not using SONOS just know it's very popular.  Probably going into a new DAC in the $10k-$15k range.  Maybe MSB Discrete 

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The Toslink cable makes a big difference. Buy a glass one, they sound much better than plastic ones.

Bluesound Node N130 or X has eARC and USB out. If you are buying such an expensive DAC, the cost is trivial. Plus, they are streamers, with a well proven app.
This was mentioned earlier, but needs to be repeated. Get a Node!  Another point…they have an auto switch that engages when the eARC detects a signal, and a 12V trigger output, so if your other gear is equipped with trigger inputs, you can automate the whole turn-on sequence.

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