TV/Audio Stands

I'm looking for a stand for my TV & audio equipment. The stand needs to be about 60" wide & I'm looking for about 6 shelves. I really like the stuff, but I'm losing interest fast, because of the lack of customer service. Any suggestions?
Site designed for Internet Explorer... man, that says it all. Rix Rax is awesome, gorgeous and no need to be a celebrity to get the top shelf stuff. Oh, and it's browser agnostic ;)
I'm a fan of Studiotech. Quality product at a good price point with excellent customer service. Me and my Dad both use the Studiotech U-22D cabinet. I know they make wider cabinets and stands with multiple shelving.
I bought a unit from Costco that only cost $150 with rebate. It can hold a 60" TV either on the stand or the wall. If using stand, you can pivot the TV angling left or right.